Our First Film: Out Of Milk

A few months ago, when my two wee boys had a day off school, Fiona left for work when the three of us were still lazing about in bed. She lay a video camera on the end of the bed and said, “I want you to make a film by the time I get home.” I think she was expecting something short and rough but we decided to do the job properly. Below is the result… enjoy!

Memories Of The Ceilidh Bandidos’ First Gig

I can’t quite remember how our first gig came about (care to shed some light on this guys?) but it was for a wedding at a very nice house near Lochgilphead, Mid Argyll. I think the house belonged to the parents of the bride and they had laid on quite an impressive spread. There was the main marquee for dining and dancing, a second marquee with a sumptuous buffet and they were both joined to the main house by wooden floored and covered walkways.

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