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    Fitas de António

    This tune has been floating about my head for a month or two. I wasn’t sure if it was a Portuguese tune that I had heard somewhere or a figment of my fevered imagination. I asked my friend António Freire, a well known piper from Coimbra in Portugal, if he recognised it and he said he didn’t. So… I’ve claimed it as my own and named it Fitas De António, Antonio’s Ribbons, after the colourful ribbons hanging from the cover of Antonio’s gaita de foles (see pic below).

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    The Toffee Works – Lusty in Carnac

    Around 10 years ago some pals and I put together an Anglo/Scots band to try and realise some musical ideas we had been thinking of for a while. We named ourselves The Toffee Works after the factory in Jon’s home town which makes that famous Wigan sweet, Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls.

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    Old-Time Tune: Barlow Knife

    I’ve had this tune floating around my head for a number of years now, one of those tunes that you can hum but never get round to learning. Well, I though it was time to put that right.

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    Old-Time Tune: Roscoe’s Gone – Updated

    I’ve been playing the tune i posted yesterday for a day now. The more i play it the more I love it! As with most tunes it has started to change to suit my fingers so here is an updated version which is closer to the way I am now playing it.

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    Old-Time Tune: Roscoe’s Gone

    Here is my approximation of an old-time fiddle tune I heard yesterday on an album by American group The Stairwell Sisters. I couldn’t find it online so I just transcribed it myself. Apparently it was written by someone called Hank Bradley on the passing of an old fiddle player called Roscoe Parish. I love the 2/4 bar at the end of each part… really pushes it along.