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    The Woodside Reel

    The session scene in Oban has used a number of different venues throughout my time as a participant. For a while in the mid 1990s the main weekly session was in The Woodside on Tweedale Street. This was before the pub was extended and the rear was converted into a night club of sorts. A small, narrow pub, it didn’t have much space for musicians or punters but this did make for a good atmosphere as it didn’t take many folk to make it feel busy. I was making my living as a busker at the time so was playing a lot, often many hours per day. New tunes would…

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    Old-Time Tune: Roscoe’s Gone – Updated

    I’ve been playing the tune i posted yesterday for a day now. The more i play it the more I love it! As with most tunes it has started to change to suit my fingers so here is an updated version which is closer to the way I am now playing it.

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    Old-Time Tune: Roscoe’s Gone

    Here is my approximation of an old-time fiddle tune I heard yesterday on an album by American group The Stairwell Sisters. I couldn’t find it online so I just transcribed it myself. Apparently it was written by someone called Hank Bradley on the passing of an old fiddle player called Roscoe Parish. I love the 2/4 bar at the end of each part… really pushes it along.

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    Memories Of The Ceilidh Bandidos’ First Gig

    I can’t quite remember how our first gig came about (care to shed some light on this guys?) but it was for a wedding at a very nice house near Lochgilphead, Mid Argyll. I think the house belonged to the parents of the bride and they had laid on quite an impressive spread. There was the main marquee for dining and dancing, a second marquee with a sumptuous buffet and they were both joined to the main house by wooden floored and covered walkways.